Photo: Nick Isabella

Photo: Nick Isabella

Welcome to the Post-Grad Files! 

My name is Emily, and I'm FOC (fresh-outta-college). I majored in Communication Studies at Vanderbilt University in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. I just moved to San Diego, California and work on an in-house Public Relations team for an adtech company! 

So, this blog will document everything post-grad--my job-search, ballin' on the post-grad/non-parental-subsidized budget, and just about everything in between. I love to write, so I'll be sharing my favorite food, fashion trends, fitness fads, and just little bits of my life here and there. 

A bit about me: 

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA (yes, it's real!) 

Current City: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN

Favorite TV Shows: Scandal, Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl

Favorite Places to Visit: Pismo Beach, CA & Cape Town, South Africa 

Favorite Foods: In n Out, Dad's Pancakes, Cherries, Guacamole 

Celeb Crushes: Zac Efron, Luke Bryan, Josh Hutcherson

Dream Job: Freelance Writer for Female Interest & Health Magazines 

Things I Live For: Best Friends, Stomach-Hurting Laughter, Salty Ocean Air, Warm Sand, Target, Skinny Vanilla Lattes, Dark Chocolate, Red Wine & Champagne, Sunrises, Yoga, Running, Disneyland, and Legally Blonde.